My name is Vanessa Mangericão and I am the owner of Vanarags.


I love everything that has to do with crafts, design and children. I'm mum of two wonderful children, Inês and Miguel, my Vanakids.


We are Portuguese. We lived in London for 4 years and it was an enriching experience for us at all levels. The return to Portugal took place in the middle of 2017. During the four years we lived in London, I had two big missions: the first was to take care of and guide my Vanakids, trying to do my best in this hard work of being a full time mum;  the second was to try to give life to my sewing project, which was a hobby for me, but the desire to make it into something "serious" was so big that without realizing it, important steps were taken to crate new produtos and new services.


I grew up with my granny's sewing machine working tirelessly in the background, watching as she sprinkled her love over every piece of cloth she made. I never touched that sewing machine growing up, although I soon discovered a love for painting and crafts in general. I eventually went on to college to major in Environmental Health, and worked for 10 years in the metallurgy heavy industry as Head of Department of Health, Safety and Environment. It wasn't until my 32nd birthday that I got my first sewing machine, and... I never looked back.


In 2015 Vanarags was transformed into a Ltd company. 


My Vanakids are undoubtedly my inspiration for creating the products for the little ones, as well as being my quality control team! :-)


The company has grown amazingly. Sales increased, we increased the team and decided to launch a new department - Vanarags Studio.


In our studio one of our main missions is to make sure that the sewing and knitting arts will not die, so we provide sewing and knitting classes for children in local schools in the areas of Twickenham, Teddington and Hampton in the Great Area of ​​London, England.


With our return to Portugal and with the support of our wonderful team we had the opportunity to keep Vanarags London and start expanding Vanarags also in Lisbon.


Our online shop is always open. Our calendars are always full of Sewing and Knitting  Workshops and Clubs. Please make sure you drop by this web site regularly if you want to be kept up to date on what is happening.


For retail sale, extra information or customized orders contact us via email: vanarags@gmail.com. We will try to reply fast!


Thank you for all your support

Lots of love xx