Vanarags Lavender comes from the lavender fields of northern Portugal, Barcelos. A strong and unique lasting smell. Lavender brings so many benefits (read more here) that the use of lavender has been constant over the years for health and well being. One of the other benefits of lavender is keeping the moths away from the clothing giving the clothing a pleasant scent. The Vanarags Lavender Mini Cushions with lavender inside are perfect to help to keep the moths away from your clothes. You can buy them here.


The opening of our cushions is closed with a soft stitch that allows it to open for periodic lavender exchange. We suggest that lavender be renewed at least once a year. In case of our mini cushions, 50g of lavender is sufficient to refill 2 of them.


50g and 100g of our lavender are packaged in a beautiful mini fabric bag as you can see in the pictures.


For quantities over 1kg, please email us -

Dried Lavender



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