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Importance of Hobbies for kids

October 12, 2016

Hobbies and special interests benefit children in many ways.

They give kids an opportunity to express themselves, while doing something they really enjoy. This  allows them to discover what they like and builds self-esteem. By focusing their energy on fun activities they can excel at, they are learning how to set and achieve goals, solve problems and make decisions. Hobbies can also set the course for what your child becomes later in life, as they often turn into lifelong interests and even careers.


No matter what your child’s age is, you probably have a good idea of what his or her interests are. Perhaps your child prefers craft activities over science experiments. He or she might enjoy playing an instrument over playing a sport. These interests may change over time, but even temporary ones have a significant impact on a child’s development.

How do we help children take up new hobbies?


You can start by introducing them to a range of activities; be it music, dance, reading, painting, writing, craft, photography, collecting things, etc. Observe which is the one he or she picks up more enthusiastically and sticks with. Then start working towards it, guiding them, helping them learn more about that interest, maybe consider finding a good book, hiring a tutor or finding a club that specialises in the subject. 


Include your child in your hobbies and tell them what you love about it. If you love gardening, let them be a part of it too. Let them water the plants, feel the texture of the soil, talk to them about how a plant grows and enriches our lives etc. If you love to paint, hand them paper and colours and let them create what their heart chooses.


Also, take care when choosing creative materials for your children. As adults, we enjoy working with high-quality materials because they are more satisfying and actually "work" well. The same applies to children. So go for quality over quantity and teach them to value and care for their materials.


Our Sewing and Knitting workshops are designed to provide an introduction to these crafts through patient guidance and fun. Fortunately, we don't need to teach children to be creative, as that is something they do best! However, these workshops can allow them to dabble in a new hobby and see if it is exciting to them. We are also happy to provide advice on how parents can help their children maintain the activity as a new hobby and allow their creative little minds to continue to flourish.


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