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Practicing Patience through Knitting

October 27, 2016

As orange leaves cover the ground outside and the air has a frosty bite, it's lovely to be inside doing a bit of crafting. Our half-term knitting workshop was fun for all, and the kids learned a lot! We had a mix of those who had a little experience and those who had never picked up a pair of needles. They learned two different cast-on methods and were able to select the one they preferred. Then, they got busy knitting, with the more advanced students also learning the purl stitch!


Knitting takes a lot of patience and practice. With the need for instant gratification seeping into every corner of our lives these days, it's important for our kids to learn these skills. Unlike a sewing project, which can be completed in a few hours, it might takes days, weeks or even months to complete a knitting project. It can also be easy to make mistakes and not so easy to know how to fix them. However, once the concept begins to 'click' and the needles feel more comfortable in your hands, it is certainly gratifying.


The kids might not walk away from a 2 hour knitting session with a finished project, but I love hearing a child say, "I'm getting this now!" and knowing that they are walking away with a new skill that can bring a lifetime of joy and relaxation.

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