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Choosing a Sewing Machine

December 12, 2016


For all the mums that asked my recommendation to buy a sewing machine for their kids, this is my honest and modest opinion! (and I'm learning every day, ok?)


Choosing a sewing machine can be tricky. Do not buy cheap plastic machines (around £40) as they will break down quickly. They can have beautiful colours or hello kitties or barbies, but they will break soon. Believe me! 


When we start a hobby we like to get good results and be proud of our work. With the kids it´s the same or even more important for them! The most I like on my sewing lessons is seeing the happiness on their little faces so proud of their works  ;-)  If the sewing machine is always breaking and if the threat is always breaking and if the machine even has to go to the repair several times they will certainly be discouraged and end up giving up


I tried at least two brands of sewing machines at our studio. At the end I ended buying from Brother (the same I use for my creations however mine is a superior model). I recommend the basic sewing machine from Brother for kids and adults strat to sewing alone. You can easly find them online on several shops like Amazon.


You can also choose other machines of the same level or even above, not bellow. 


It´s not the best machine, I know, it can also have problems, but the risk is low and the price is really good. I have all the students fully of energy pressing the pedal sometimes so crazily and Brother machines never let me down.


Of course you can hear talking really bad about Brother sewing machines, but this is my opinion based on my personal taste and experience on sewing. A lot of people don’t like Brother tho.


Some good points:

  • Technical assistance in Uk it´s quick and efficient.

  • 17 Stitches- I know kids love to try all the stitches, but honestly to do nice projects we just need two stitches the straight ones and the zig zag one.

  • Not possible to control the length and width of the stitch, but you have 17 stitches, so you can choose different stitches with different length and widths. Perfect for the kids that are starting to sew alone. 

  • Doesn’t come with too much attachments, but for now the kids will not need. So Brother have a lot of foots and others standards accessories that you can buy later to use on this machine.


Hope I have helped!


Lots of love


Vanessa XX 



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