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January 1, 2017

2016 was a great year for Vanarags. Thank you all for your support. A simple like, a small order (and also a big order) a friendly comment gives me all the strength to continue to do what I love most - GIVE LIFE TO SOMETHING that will make someone happy! Thank you for all your words and presence.


Many of you know that I have made Vanarags my main occupation for over a year and a half ago, not for the best reasons, but it happened. Suddenly I saw myself in the middle of a divorce, with two small kids in a country that is not mine (although I love England) without my family to support me. It was hard! Still is! I lost everything but I am fighting to getting back what was mine. Having someone that suddenly starting to love me helped me a lot. Steven help me in everything even here in Vanarags with drawings and ideas. I can say he is also part of Vanarags. He is amazing and I love him! He know that ;)  And of course my two vanakids were fundamental to keep me on board. They are the most amazing little creatures on hearth! If Vanarags allows me to pay my bills? No! Not yet! Creating a craft business is not easy and takes a lot of time for you to have a little tiny space on market! But I really feel I'm a little bit close do make some difference! 


Many good things happened in 2016:


  • Mandy joined Vanarags. I'm so happy! She is so adorable! I couldn't ask better!

  • Our Sewing and Knitting lessons started to be quite popular locally.

  • New products have been created that have been quite successful.

  • The school dolls have begun to spread and at 2017 many more school will be on our list.

  • Some of the new knitted products were launched and many more news will come regarding our new knitting department :)  I have to say that we are completely in love with the big big chunky yarn!

  • Vanarags were in some fairs and the direct contact with the clients was amazing! 

  • It's all set to start our Club-style Sewing and Knitting lessons in local schools.



I'm so excited! We are so excited! I have so many new ideas! Just wish more time during the day to do everything I have in mind! 


Wish you all a fab 2017 full of love and health. 






Vanessa XX 


*picture from internet

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