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Soft Toy Hospital

January 7, 2017

Sewing and Knitting classes in schools are starting to get popular locally. Thank you so much for that! Having the opportunity to help the local community not to lose forever the arts of Sewing and Knitting is so important!!  We want to make this hobby not only the grandma's hobby but also the young people's hobby :) 


As we are getting so busy we have to make some choices. I have selected several services that we have offered so far and which we will have to finish, such as the clothes alterations and the Soft Toy Hospital. Why? Because they are services that give a lot of work, many hours of work and the value that the client pays does not worth for all that effort.


But the Soft Toy Hospital is something wonderful that gives me so much fun to do. Turning a sick teddy into a healthy teddy is a task that has a giant importance for it's little owner. And I personally love love love doing it! So I'm going to leave the Soft Toy Hospital service available for now. Just to see little happy faces!


This is our next client. The monkey needs new stuffing. Here we go! :D 


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