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Complete Check Up (includes a good wash, new filling and brushing) - £15 (minimum charged)


NOTE: Repairs in big big soft toys or toys in need of new fabrics or other special materials, the price may be different starting in £35.

Sometimes, over the years, soft toys, can tear, get open holes, lose arms and legs or eyes and ears. Because of the immense love they receive, the soft toys can also get very dirty and stained over the years.


I'm sure that it´s easier to buy a new one, more modern and quite affordable. But we're not talking about money, we are talking about all the love and affection that our children have for that soft toy. It's THE soft toy and it can't be replaced. Even we as parents save sweet memories of our little ones with their special buddy.


In Vanarags Studio we can fix all type of soft toys. Only soft toys, not toys with mechanical parts. We can wash, attempt to remove stains, re-stuff, stitch up loose seams, repair stiches, change eyes and noses and fix legs and arms.

You can arrange an appointment to drop your soft toy in Vanarags Studio in Hampton Hill, TW12. Please send an email to arrange the meeting. If you are not near us so you can post the soft toy. We will send an email when your soft toy were feeling better, repaired and bright. You can collect or I can posted back to you. You are responsible for postage costs both ways.


Usually your soft toy will be healed within one week.

Please send an email to find out availability and get a quote for the special cases: vanarags@gmail.com



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